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Real-time market pricing

ensures you receive

maximum returns


We sell direct to the refinery.

This gives us the market

knowledge to make us the

best at what we do with

proven results  


Immediate cash payment

for ALL your catalytic 


Automotive Repair: Our Services

Consistent Pricing

We help all our clients get the highest return for their converters. From the client selling 1,000 at a time to the the auto repair professionals selling one at a time. 

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Cat Shit.jpg

How It Works

We process thousands of Catalytic converters. Each piece is graded and priced individually.  With our direct refinery partnership, Addario Scrap Metal is able to provide unparalleled access to the most competitive pricing on the market.

How It Works

Where We Buy

Our dedicated team of professionals make the selling process easy and transparent.  Contact us today to schedule a pick-up!

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